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Avoid Utility Strikes!

Give your operators the ability to detect and avoid utilities as they dig – RodRadar‘s Live Dig Radar® (LDR) technology!

The LDR Excavate™ system uses a ground penetrating radar integrated into the excavators digging bucket, connected to a display unit inside the excavators’ cabin, providing automated real time alerts of any type of utilities while digging, without the need for expert analysis.

Fitting into the Safe Systems of Work, this last line of defence adds an additional tool to drastically reduce the costs and danger associated with utility strikes in the UK.

Fitting in with our growing suite of site safety products –  LDR Excavate™ is brought exclusively to the UK market through MDiG.

LDR Excavate™ works on all utility types, in all types of soil.


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LRD uncover

What is the problem?

In the UK there are around 4 million kilometres of pipes, electricity and telecoms cables, and sewers. On average there are 12 deaths and 600 serious injuries attributed to contact with the electricity network per year.

  • 65,000 strikes per year on buried service pipes and cables
  • Average direct cost per strike is £3,371
  • Indirect costs are estimated as, on average, 29 times larger than direct costs
  • Overall cost to UK construction is an estimated £6 billion per year!

How does it work?


Scan as you dig with real time info displayed straight into the operators cab. Watch the video for more info.

LDR-Visualize screen

Benefits & Advantages

LDR provides the operator with automatic and accurate alerts regarding buried utilities encountered during digging operations, in real time. An LDR bucket with integrated Live Dig Radar technology can easily be installed on any excavator, current or new, using industry standard interfaces of buckets and attachment systems.

  • Increase Safety
  • Reduce Damage
  • Improve Productivity
  • Fast ROI
  • ECO friendly

Expected return of your investment: A Live Dig Radar® unit’s ROI is achieved within 1 to 3 avoided utility strikes (on average).

Simple to use: Installation and training provided by MDiG – understanding how to effectively use the LDR system to minimize utility strikes during excavation and ability to follow instructions are all that’s needed!

Transforming Excavation

RodRadar’s breakthrough solution enhances the safety and efficacy of digging, construction, and earthworks operations, reducing the enormous costs and environmental impact associated with everyday accidental damage. LDR Excavate is an excavating bucket unit with RodRadar’s patented and proprietary technology already fully embedded. It is designed to withstand even the harshest digging environments and has proven itself through rigorous testing.

  • Easy installation on both new and used earth-moving equipment
  • Same life expectancy as standard buckets
  • 3 bucket sizes, suitable for any excavator from 1t to 16t
LDR dig tarmac


RodRadar’s LDR system has successfully demonstrated minimising Utility strikes in the US, Canada, Australia and Israel since 2021 and is now exclusively being brought to the UK market by MDiG for rental and purchase. See feedback from those already using the system on their jobs:

After 45 years in the field I can tell you Live Dig Radar® is the most useful technology I have ever used.” O Weiss, President

LDR Excavate™ is expected to be a game-changer in the construction industry, and to be an essential part of our future projects.” Eran Cohen VP Operations

Thanks to Live Dig Radar® we were able to dig with confidence. The system is very easy to operate, and we can envision using the system in any project.” Mor Msgidish, Owner

The RodRadar Live Dig Radar® bucket has revolutionised our excavation process, significantly reducing utility strikes and uncovering previously unknown utilities, ensuring safer and more efficient operations.” Cutler Knupp, Managing Director


Please note that not all buried pipes, cables and ducts can be detected and mapped by the Live Dig Radar® for a number of reasons, including their depth, location, material type, geology and/or proximity to other utilities. Where an area of utilities is likely to affect project requirements, we strongly recommended that you arrange for a ‘PAS128 Quality Level A verification survey’ to be carried out. However please note that such survey may not be able to achieve a 100% detection rate.

We do not warrant, represent, undertake or guarantee that use of the Live Dig Radar® shall eliminate the risk of utility strikes or utility outages. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that you take all necessary actions and precautions to ensure that utility strikes or utility outages do not occur. We shall not be responsible for any failure by you to comply with this obligation.